Saturday, July 18, 2015

no one like you

You, Tatyana, say the sound of the setting Sun is wondrous, and I ask you, Does it sound like bacon sizzling. I've never heard, You only stop once, turn, and I see you're laughing. You're not ready for eternity to end just yet, I know, I can see you walking with purpose, long strides like a giraffe, swift as an impala, distant white clouds under a cobalt sky. You want to see it up close, slowing to gawk like a long-neck at a train derailment, don't you? Yes, I am slow to write, deadline is near, I drop pad and pencil in the barren grass by the railroad and accompany you to the end of the world.

photo by Bruno Dayan

Monday, July 13, 2015

nine lives on

So, I invited you to bring a dog along out of my starting gate into blogland. And I'm still a dog person. It just seemed more appropriate to post this vagabond from Italy for the ninth year anniversary.

I'm still going to the dogs. Thanks for visiting all these years.
11,041 vagabonds plus:
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