Saturday, July 21, 2007

president for a day

My Mayberry take of those tense and dangerous moments when the President went under anesthesia today....

'You think you can handle it, Dick?'
'Don't worry...any problems and I'll slap'em in cell number 2, Mr. President!'
'That's not 2! That's 1!'
Cheney makes a note. 'Got it! 1!'
'Hey, Dick.'
'Mr. President?'
Chuckling and squinting. 'What's going to be your first assignment on assuming the presidency?'
Pausing to reflect as his lip slowly Elvis-curls. Eyes widen.
'The Bin Laden Still Case!'
Chuckling and shakes head. 'And how in the Sam Hell do you propose....'
Cheney wheels around and points at Cell number 1. 'Him! He knows!'
Kennedy mumbles, turns over, and drifts back to Happyland.
Bush shakes head. Mutters 'Maybe I shoulda got Condi.'
'I'll throw water on him and scare him real good, Mr. President!'
'Maybe I shoulda got Condi?' he asks the anesthetist as he slowly counts backwards..'10..9..6..45..12....'


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