Saturday, September 27, 2008

"I never planned nothin' in my life"

A lesson in life, really, learned from Lucas Jackson, the ultimate vagabond passing time on a chain gang, played by the great actor and philanthropist Paul Newman, in Cool Hand Luke, my favorite of his films.

One of subjects I've written about before, on how the true joy in life blooms from the things we have no power over, nor really plan.

Well, anyway, it's the first thing that came to mind this quiet morning upon hearing the news of the passing of Mr. Newman. He was a natural born world-shaker, to paraphrase Dragline from Cool Hand Luke.

Other films of his I treasure and highly recommend are Hud, The Sting, The Verdict, and The Hustler.


Blogger willow said...

Fabulous photo! He was great in any film. And truly a wonderful humanitarian, too.

Muffin is adorable!!

9/27/2008 6:10 PM  
Blogger Edward Hegstrom said...

My favorite: SLAP SHOT. Laugh-out-loud funny, but a surprisingly believable slice of blue collar life, and Newman gives a great "average guy" performance--or as average as Paul Newman could be!

9/28/2008 3:08 AM  
Blogger Pamela Terry and Edward said...

One of the good guys.

9/28/2008 11:35 PM  

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