Friday, August 24, 2007

good readin' worth eatin'

Nothin' flashy, no special effects, just insightful, funny, and yes...sometimes bizarre burnt offerings.

Does that wet your appetite for good reading?
Then be sure to visit Joe's
Libertianism and Things blog!

More variety there than on the menu at your IHOP!


Blogger Mr. Liberty said...

Hi Phil,

Mighty nice of you to endorse me for benevolent (when I feel like it) ruler and the nice words about my blog.

I appreciate it, and have slid a pancake under your door into the squalor of your apartment.

You're the best! But, I had to put you ninth as I had some chits come due. But ninth is as good as 1st, except it ain't as high up.

Look, some great Americans were 9th. The fine and smooth William Henry Harrison was our 9th President. And he had the sense to leave the presidency after a month when he realized he had forgotten his hat back home, where he died in that tragic pay outhouse accident.

Thanks, Pal,


Stay in school!

8/25/2007 12:06 AM  

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