Friday, May 25, 2012

two hearts haiku

Two heart lover's tryst
Thousand fine combed love me knots
Eternal brush strokes

Rendezvous with more hushed haikus
over at recuerda mi corazon,
exclusive home of
Haiku My Heart


Blogger ArtMuseDog and Carol said...

...thousand fine combed love me knots ~ great line ~ lovely haiku ~ ^_^

5/26/2012 11:58 AM  
Blogger Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The more brush strokes the more love? Perhaps...

Cultivating Joy

5/26/2012 12:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

brush strokes could mean so, painting, calligraphy, whipped

valued benevolence haiku

5/26/2012 8:20 PM  
Blogger rebecca said...

you have taken my breath away
and smoothed the thousand tussled ends.

5/27/2012 12:51 AM  

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