Sunday, October 12, 2014


I'll show'em. I'll show'em. Non-believers. A crank, they all say. I'll prove it! That crack in the ceiling the shape of Colonel Sanders. Right there! Wait! It's not there. Gone. It was. It was. I need more light. I'll show'em who's a wing nut.
"What do you want, Hilda?"
"Are you about done in there, Madam? There's two gentlemen at the door".
"They say they'll keep you where it's nice and quiet, Dear".
"Oh, let me be".
"And they have nice cushioned....chairs...and rounded corners".
Self-portrait, Vivian Maier


Blogger Kay said...

only the mad are truly sane...xx

10/12/2014 1:13 PM  
Blogger Other Mary said...

And a nice white jacket with looong sleeves? lol

10/12/2014 7:03 PM  
Blogger Kathe W. said...

a padded cell with no dangerous mirrors? How sad.

10/12/2014 9:30 PM  
Blogger Kutamun said...

One flew over the duck eggs nest !

10/12/2014 11:07 PM  
Blogger Bekkie Sanchez said...

Love the lines, "I need more light. I'll show'em who's a wing nut." Very clever take.

10/13/2014 11:57 AM  
Blogger Susan Anderson said...


She does look a bit unbalanced, doesn't she?

Great take.


10/13/2014 1:19 PM  
Blogger Tess Kincaid said...

I see him...

10/13/2014 2:08 PM  
Blogger Donetta Sifford said...

Very brilliant take on the prompt. Come to think of it she does look determinedly mad. Aren't we all at some point? lol

10/14/2014 3:28 AM  
Blogger Karen S. said...

Enjoyably silly!

10/14/2014 11:31 AM  

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