Thursday, December 20, 2007

tv shows that I build my schedule around

There are only 3. What a difference from my youth. I probably had at least a dozen way back then.

The New Yankee Workshop - A weird choice, I know. But watching master craftsman Norm Abrams build furniture in his workshop is a wonderful half hour escape from the cruel world. He does make it look easy though. It appears all his fingers are real.
The Simpsons - I still record it while watching to make sure I miss nothing, from Bart at the blackboard to guest voices in the credits, and every little parody in-between. Indeedily I doodily!
Ghost Whisperer - What a comforting concept. To see the dead and assist them in crossing over. Although the first season was the best, the writing and supporting cast remain strong on this....oh, hell, I admit's Love Hewitt's breasts.

Got 3 shows of your own you just can not miss?


Blogger Blog Princess said...

The Simpsons.... I have a friend with whom no conversation is complete without "Remember that Simpsons episode when..." And yes, it seems any occurence in life can be referenced back to The Simpsons.

Some of the PBS cooking shows have the same effect on me as New Yankee Workshop. And Nigella Lawson's cooking shows on Food Network. Very calming and makes me feel nostalgic for home. (If you haven't seen her show, you might enjoy it - she shares the same physical attribute as Love Hewitt.)

Wildlife and travel documentaries. I can go on safari without leaving my living-room, compromising the environment, breaking my piggy-bank open.

(Not a regular show - but Mad Men is definitely an occasional must-see.)

And - like you - I watch way less than I did when very young. I guess that's a good thing?

12/21/2007 8:15 AM  
Blogger marc aurel said...

Doc Martin, first season.
US of Tara.
I liked Hung.
Can I add "Poirot"?

I rarely watch live TV now. The Rodgers repeats are more satisfying.

I think TV is dead already.
My kids hardly ever watch, although they grew up on The Simpsons and other more profane cartoons.

3/27/2010 9:23 AM  

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