Monday, March 31, 2008

what once was good

Opening Day. It always reminds me of my youth. The blossoming of Spring and the optimism that my Cincinnati Reds will do wonderful things.

We rarely attended games in Cincy, so I can remember each one. I thought, as an Innocent, that it would always be sweet. After one game where a young Don Gullett out-pitched legendary Bob Gibson of St Louis, as we were walking back to our car along the sidewalk amid the lit up glowing buildings sprouting high into the clear night, and dizzy with excitement from catching a wayward foul ball as though it were a falling star of night and strangers in the smoke-filled bleachers cheered for my miraculous catch, I promised myself when I was 'growed up,' I would move to the Big City, get an apartment close to the Riverfront, and walk to the games after work.

It never happened, but I still get somewhat of a chill, more diluted now, yet strangely drawn back to the game thinking about those years - in the days before grotesque salaries and performance enhancers.


Blogger Blog Princess said...

I wasn't born in the baseball culture, but I love a summer evening at a ballpark. Not big time baseball... just something simpler. That's the closest I can come to that ideal I suppose. The sun low in the sky, the thwack of the bat on the ball, sand being kicked up... sigh. Will the summer ever come?

4/01/2008 12:02 AM  
Blogger the drifter said...

I guess your summer arrives around Labor Day, heh?


4/02/2008 9:19 PM  
Blogger Blog Princess said...

Nah.... it just feels that way at this time of year. Our summers are scorching, a region of extremes. :)

4/03/2008 7:42 AM  

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