Thursday, June 11, 2009

zap tee wamp

It seems I've always had some sort of relation-
ship with Louis Armstrong. From growing up in the town where Louis and other Jazz giants, like Bix Beiderbecke, Hoagy Carmichael, King Oliver, and Jelly Roll Morton visited in the 20's, down by the railroad tracks at Gennett Studios. Now wasn't that a blaze of brilliance to locate where they had to stop their recording sessions whenever a train was rolling by. Well, that's Jazz for you.

But Louis is my favorite. It's just that I always smile and feel buoyant when I listen to him, no matter how cold the World becomes even with skies of blue and trees of green.
I wrote a song just for him, Blue Kind Of Love. But if he'd have recorded it the final cut just might've happily turned out like this:

Yeah, I've got that blue love
Outta the sky, outta the sky
Always wishing I was with you
Nights could never zan zah boo.

Oh, but darling, all those blues ago
In the days when we zap tee glow
If you know that I live for that day
Ah, honey, don't ever say no no no

Cause I got a kind of love oh, blue
Old zoo zoo zet, dark and never new
Lucky me, and most I've ever knew
Zaddy day dee zaddy d-d- daah.

Or something along those lines.


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