Saturday, July 25, 2009

the license branch

It was swift at the BMV, not bad, coming in under nine minutes. I got it figured out - go to a small town branch to avoid the masses. And all English speaking, not glistening women at the welcome counter, those with one floating eye flown in from deep in the shrieking Amazon.
Plus, they're very time conscious these days. Total transaction time of 8:46 is documented right on the receipt. And bless there hearts..they upped it to six years until I have to go back.

But something went horribly wrong.

I had to remove my glasses before she'd snap my photo. A new requirement? Talk about floating eyes. I'm legally blind without my specs, and when she tried to center my gaze telling me to look at her hand, I was lost. No, sir, down here no over here lower your chin now no over here. Sir, you're looking at the people in line no OVER HERE!

I wandered away, kind of drifted. A small child, I think, crawled between my legs and I bumped my forehead into the glass front door as a complaining voice faded behind me mentioned something about seeing-eye dogs. I put on my glasses and walked back to the front of the white sheet and we finally worked it out by me reaching behind and clutching the backdrop.
'It doesn't look like me,' says the man with the black dot eyes.
'It never does', she smiled.


Blogger willow said...

I have a year left before I can get a new license and get rid of the one I have now with a photo of some unknown thug woman.

My daughter hated her license photo once, so much she cut it up and threw it out, thinking she could go in for a new pic. Nuh-uh. She went to the BMV and they pulled up her old pic and made a new card for her!

7/25/2009 9:28 PM  

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