Saturday, November 28, 2009


35 years ago tonight was John Lennon's last live performance. It was with Elton John at Madison Square Garden. A half-serious bet between the two brought Lennon to the stage that Thanksgiving night. Lennon agreed to appear on stage with Elton if Whatever Gets You Thru The Night hit #1.

It did, and here's what happened...

Elton introduces Lennon. Somehow I think the crowd already knew Lennon was in the building. And they do the #1 hit...

Then, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds...

And the final performance introduced by Lennon...I Saw Her Standing There


Blogger Blog Princess G said...

This brought back some memories. I still remember that I was sitting in my homeroom classroom at school, shortly after the day had started and as part of the school announcements over the PA system, Lennon's shooting was reported. My English teacher was deeply upset. It was sobering stuff.

12/12/2009 8:24 AM  

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