Thursday, September 30, 2010

the manor ball

We just barely made it to the W M Ball. AH couldn't decide what to wear, and still had nothing until we rode in a carriage past Norma Desmond's old house and AH yelled stop! and, seeing a solitary candle burning, we went in through a broken bay window and crafted a quick gown out of her dusty curtains. Around the corner down the block the only thing the rental joint had left for me was an old tux that John Barrymore was once buried in the first time(Forget the gruesome details - hey, it fit).

I was still snipping AH's hair as we strode up the lighted brick winding sidewalk of Willow's place, and the doorman wouldn't let us by until AH broke into 'We Could've Danced All Night,' and he left for a bit and stuffed a pastry into her mouth, and I decked him with John Barrymore's old shiny left shoe.

It was a blast. AH was a hit. She impressed everybody with her mastery of all 5 vowels. Especially the 'O.' She even saved me by suggesting I cover up a scratch I dug into the wooden dance floor scooting a chair by covering it with an Unnamed Famous Actor's hairpiece. She smiled and I kissed her and she smiled again.

We both got dizzy by drink. And maybe the smell of old used clothes and curtains.
But most of all we got wobbly by how beautiful the Hostess shined.


Blogger willow said...

Max didn't growl at you when you crashed into Norma Desmond's house, since he was serving drinks here at the Manor Ball. It was lovely to see you, Phil. Everyone adores Audrey.

9/30/2010 10:16 PM  
Blogger FireLight said...

You and Audrey.....a beautiful Willow Manor worthy!

9/30/2010 10:55 PM  
Blogger ~Babs said...

I thought the two of you looked fabulous,,,very elegant.
I really wanted a dance,,but was too shy to ask. Maybe next year,,,well, that is if I get invited back after all the craziness.

10/01/2010 12:58 AM  

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