Sunday, September 9, 2007

sports of all sorts

The Pack is back!

Well, sort of.
They did win their first game over the Eagles, 16-13, by the hair of their chinny chin chins.
Starting his 258th straight game, Brett Favre sliced and diced his way out of the clutches of a frisky Philly defense to unload the pigskin for great yardage (I just said that out loud like I was at an old-time tv sport's desk with a table microphone. Speech impediment included. Back to you Skip!). And after the Eagles muffed a punt return with under a minute remaining, rookie kicker Mason Crosby sealed the victory with a clutch field goal.

It feels so good to get that first victory of the season in the books. I am a long suffering Packer fan.

However, I'm a longer suffering Notre Dame fan. Today, after being pummeled by Penn State last night and going 0-2 on the season, Charlie Weis went door to door recruiting players. He was able to recruit a Nun, a seventy-two year old Grandfather of seven, and a Mishawaki family's Cocker Spaniel. Lookout Michigan!

And, The Gentleman from Scotland, Dario Franchitti, out-gassed Scott Dixon (he had a E when his gauge actually said F) in a thrilling win at Chicagoland and clinched the Indycar Championship. Hopefully, Dario will not jump to Nascar, but will remain in open-wheel.

Finally, the beautiful and talented Danica Patrick, following her best second place finish last week at Belle Isle, spun out entering the pits with 6 laps remaining. Kind of like making it through a mad rush hour at 80, only to spin in your driveway arriving home going 3.
She will win a race next year. If not, she can still come visit me - I live near a high speed straightaway with no driveways in sight.


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