Thursday, October 4, 2007

Beaver, and Glory to the Soviet Science

Little odd fact known by few. The two are related more than you would think, outside of having their big day 50 years ago on this here very date.

The Gubment hid this info from us all, but with a little research I have uncovered the fact that the lunch bucket used by Jerry Mathers ("as the Beaver"), and the cramped Sputnik both contained trained teacup chiuauauas. (Danny Thomas used a 'spit-take' chiuauaua, but I'll cover that another time).

The one holed up in space onboard Sputnik, that tiny cylinder that gave Eisenhower nightmares like a dog drinking out of the toilet as the seat slams shut, snapped photos of U.S. military installations by pushing a little red button with its nose, until it exploded when the capsule approached Mach 7. The chiuauaua inside The Beaver's lunch bucket was trained to show its teeth whenever The Beav flubbed a line. The seasons that Beav used a leaking brown paper sack for his lunch were the worst for Mathers, but the production crew would laugh until they cried.

Poster from A Soviet Poster A Day


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