Tuesday, September 11, 2007

out of the blue

I felt the same way today as I felt 6 years ago. The only difference was the chilled morning started out ugly with heavy cloud cover, and gradually the clouds broke into small pieces and completely vanished by high noon. I mean, it became completely blue just like in 2001. So thoroughly crisp with Fall waiting to pop out of the shadows like a actor in full makeup waiting in the wings.

As corny as it might sound, after feeling somewhat hollow and abandoned in the morning gloom, I emerged later feeling patriotic as the sky opened. And I do remember those feelings of pride and love of country late in the day on September 11th, 2001. Those feelings were so overwhelming that they stifled the panic when a couple notorious local gas stations attempted to gouge the public in the confusion.

On the way home tonight I heard A radio caller say that on a recent visit to New York, while the city is loud and boisterous as always, when passing the area of Ground Zero, it is still virtually quiet.
That's the way it always should be.


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