Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ornithology #1: The Norwegian Blue

Little known and less oft seen, except mainly in some dainty Scandinavian boutiques, this beautiful parrot is known mostly for its unique plumage. A remarkable bird, though it rarely speaks unlike most other annoying parrots of mimicry, one aspect this fine creature has is a fierce beak, evolved down through the centuries of time which makes it almost impossible to keep in a normal birdcage. Often, either when it hasn't been fed properly or allowed to rest, it has been reported to bend cage bars and escape. The Norwegian Blue also is quite unique in that it sports a somewhat odd defense mechanism of appearing stunned when approached by predators. However, during mating season near freshwater fjords north of Denmark, this bird is quite animated and squawks for hours on end.

Next week, or sometime in the near future, I will begin my discussion of Herpetology, focusing on frogs with the crunchiest bones known on Earth.


Blogger Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Isn't that an ex-parrot? Or is he just "pinin' for the fjords"?

Sorry, it's Monty Python.

6/24/2009 10:16 PM  
Blogger willow said...

I had to sit for a bit and drool over The Duke. Sigh.

6/24/2009 10:22 PM  

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